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Better Homes and Gardens

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 Marissa Sherman 

MS, CMHC, Realtor

I am a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Influence Partners and a local Lehi resident.  I have lived in Utah for 15 years. As a transplant from the Silicon Valley, California, I have come to love Utah as my home and consider Utah to be my true home. 

I entered into the field of real estate so I could have the opportunity to offer clients comfort, peace of mind, up to date information, timely communication, resolution, and results. 

 All of us need and want to be heard, involved, and informed, when engaging in a real estate transaction. My job is not just to ensure that you buy or sell for the price that works for you, but also to ease your stress and to hold the psychological space for you as you go through this process, which is often can be emotional and overwhelming. 

I am here not only to be the one handling your business transaction, but I am here to be your unofficial counselor, your confidant, guide, your motivator, and your friend. 

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